"Music is life, you can't separate music from life. Music is who you is at the heart of every tradition "
- Sam Garrett -


This is a monthly gathering, approximately once a month, held at the banks of the Rhine or in one of our living rooms, where we come together with mantras and instruments to simply be. 
No agenda, no expectations... Everyone is warmly welcome to join in or simply be present.

Immerse yourself with us in the enchantment of mantra music, discover yourself through the rhythm, melodies, and words – whether you're listening, singing along, or playing an instrument.

You don't need any musical background; just an open heart and a willingness to experience the power of mantra. The lyrics are often short and simple. For more intricate verses, we follow the classical call-and-response Kirtan style. Our focus lies not in rigidly adhering to melodies but in liberating and creatively playing with the tones, sounds, and potent Sanskrit words.

Chanting mantras is yet another path to ground yourself in the present moment, within, and in a wonderful community.